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Our Family

No industry can flourish in isolation. It has to spread its wings to the outer world and for that, it needs special services. In developing nations like India, where there is a great need to expand, service providers, service agents, cargo agents, transporters etc. become very essential. Service providers and service agents in India offer the export import community in the country a unique service, which covers every aspect of trade, both local and international. Service providers help to promote businesses through a wide array of services, which includes transportation services, clearing and forwarding services, cargo clearing, insurance, warehousing, packing and moving services, courier, trading houses, ship chandelling, Indenting, foreign exchange, licensing, fabricating, and commissioning services, all this and much more. Service providers meet every possible requirement and need of business houses and industries in the country. They help businesses identify and discover new markets, and also penetrate new markets in the process. Covering an exhaustive range of services, the service industry in India covers the broad spectrum of export import trade, thereby making it possible for businesses, big and small, to be successful. So taking the view in mind the Image cargo Movers has been established as a professional & competent service provider, so we welcomes you in the world of Image Cargo Movers, kindly meet with our family:

The CEO, Charanjeet Arora is into the trade from 1980s & has a wide experience of trade & Customs clearance and initially he established Image Cargo Movers in the year of 1995 & in addition of his achievements he is well known Custom House Agent in the name of M/s Charanjeet Arora. He is highly committed & result oriented person & achieves success in every assignment he undertakes. He is well known in the trade through out India for the high levels of knowledge & expertise & his professional way to handle the matters with ease & in a methodological & prompt manner. The entire ICM team has tremendous faith in his dynamic leadership.

Charanjeet Arora
(Chief Executive Officer)


The General Manager Amit Taneja joined the organization in April’1998. He has extensive knowledge of Imports & exports & has hands on knowledge of Customs Clearance, shipping containerization, Logistics & freight forwarding of Air & Sea Consignments. He has also been involved in the international trading of ferrous & non-ferrous metals since August ‘2006.

Amit Taneja
(General Manager )
Admin / Opreations

The third promoter Bharat Malik joined the organization in January, 2006 after completing his graduation in commerce. He has deep knowledge in administration of direct & indirect taxes. He has excellent analytical, problem solving & organization skills.

Bharat Malik
(Senior Manager)

Rajiv Parmar joined ICM in December, 07. he is a qualified & certified accountant. He has a wide & varied knowledge of numerous industries

Rajiv Parmar
(Head Accounts)

Leena joined the organization in November 03, as a office administrator. She came from a freight forwarding company & has many years experience in customer service environment. Leena maintains our high level of customer service & also doing well as office administrator.

Leena R Nair
(Head Admin)

Santosh joined the company in August 2009 as Head Administrator after completing MBA. He fits nicely into the plans for future of ICM, where he has taken up the position of Admin Manager.

(Asstt. Admin)

Rajesh is working with ICM from 2000 and manages all matters of shipping & documentation. He has knowledge related to Transportation of cargo as well as works as a Helping hand for Refund of 4% SAD & Shipping securities.

(Security & Refund Executive)

Mithilesh is working in ICM since 2004 as an Assistant in Accounts, & manage bill files he also take care of all the office records.

(Accounts Assistant)


Our Team


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